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Specializing in the manufacturing of electrical contacts and contact assemblies, made with precision and passion.

Our Services Include

Electrical contacts // Metal plating  // Conductivity testing // Hardness testing  // Precision custom machining  // Engineering services

An Industry Leader

Contact Fabricators is a manufacturing company with expertise in manufacturing new and obsolete electrical contacts for electrical equipment. With a staff that is well trained and experts in their field, CFI can manufacture and repair both AC and DC applications for low and high voltage devices.

We are recognized as one of the leaders in the electrical contact industry with 30 years' experience providing top quality products at competitive and affordable prices.  On time and on budget: That's CFI.

 Precision Materials 

Quality Assurance

 Affordable Prices


Watch our Video

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The CFI Story

A Personal Story of Family, Success and Passion

I'm Rachel Batthauer, owner of Contact Fabricators Inc. And here's our story:

Contact Fabricators Inc. was founded in 1991 by two partners and my father. They set out to create a business that specialized in difficult-to-machine parts, such as electrical contacts and contact assemblies. It became much more than "run of the mill" machine shop.

The company quickly took off, landing many jobs and contracts along the way. The business is located on my family property, where I have lived since I was 3 years old.

My family and I still live here. In fact, my whole family lives on the same road.

In 2012, I traded my passion for teaching for the opportunity to collaborate with my father. Dad and I worked to convert the business from typewriters and carbons to the information age with computers, software, CNC machines, and other necessary efficiencies to allow company growth. 


In 2017, my father passed away from lung cancer and I vowed to stay committed to the business and my father’s fundamental values of low costs and doing the right thing, always. 

The business was suddenly without its passionate founder. That's where I came in. 

After a 16-year career in education, I left it all behind to continue in this business full time, in order to honor my dad and his hard work, to keep building a strong foundation for our family.

Our Precision Gallery

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